Planning on Learning to Drive?

So..... you're taking the plunge, thinking about learning to drive? You are about to do something amazing that will open up a whole new world to you and give you a freedom that you have never had before, but learning to drive also comes with responsibility!  Driving is enjoyable, enlightening and life changing but can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.  We endeavour right from the start to instill a sense of responsibility into our learners to ensure they become safe and conscientious drivers. This approach is one of the reasons that we have such a good reputation within our local community.


Choosing a driving instructor:  Its vital to set off in the correct path, getting the right instructor is so important. One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing their first driving instructor is to base their decision purely on price.  Price is very important and we try to offer very competitive rates but in this industry you get what you pay for, cheap prices will get you low quality driving lessons and cost you a lot more in the long run.  There's a reason why some driving schools have to advertise cheap prices!  These driving schools will draw you in with extremely low prices but then have hidden extras such as high driving test fees and special conditions such as making you use up your pre-paid lessons immediately etc.  A good instructor will always charge you a fair price and save you money by getting you to test standard much faster and give you a much better chance of passing first time, again saving you money!

Lessons:  Our approach to your driving lessons will be caring and personal, taking the stress out of your driving lessons and getting you safely and confidently where you want to go, passing your driving test first time and in the quickest possible time!

You can take as many lessons as you wish each week, or if you want to learn to drive quickly you can take an intensive, or fast track driving course. Its always worth thinking about taking more than one lesson per week if your finances allow, for example, if you take two lessons per week you will get to your test twice as fast and because you are driving every 3 to 4 days you are likely to retain more information between lessons.

We have an excellent first-time pass rate and offer very competitive prices to help you get started. 

So relax, feel happy, we'll guide you all the way to your driving test.

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